Christian Apologetics: Get Equipped to Defend

“I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you by my faith in Jesus Christ.”
No! Christian apologetics is certainly not summarised that way. What then, is it?

“You shall know the truth…”
These famous words spoken by Jesus Christ in John 8:32 give us a clue. So when someone asks you why you follow Jesus Christ and not any other ‘god’ or ‘godman’ (“after all, even they do miracles”) you need not just say “Jesus has changed my life completely, for the better.” Because many people may not be convinced by that answer. Thankfully God – knowing the human mentality – gave us hardcore evidence to prove that Jesus Christ existed, was crucified and died, was buried in a rich man’s tomb and rose back to life (and has not died after that). He gave us historical, archaeological and statistical proof that what the Bible says is indeed true. But unless you are aware of these proofs, you won’t be able to convince skeptics, apart from the Holy Spirit opening their eyes.

I urge you to equip yourself not only in the Bible, but also in knowledge that you can have handy, when confronted with questions about your Christian faith. Some good online resources are:

  1. Apologetics315
  2. Answers in Genesis
  3. All About God
  4. Apologetics Press

In fact, Apologetics315 is actually an apologetics aggregator blog, that gives you links to many other relevant websites, podcasts etc. Most – if not all – of the material on these sites is free. If you prefer to have your apologetics material in book form, you can visit Christianbook.com and buy your stuff there.

Important: Even after you have given all the evidence in the world to a skeptic, it is only the Holy Spirit who can open the person’s spiritual eyes to the truth. So as you share information and minister to these precious souls, pray in your heart for God to touch their hearts with the same love, mercy and grace that He showered upon you that day when you gave your heart to Jesus!

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Christian Apologetics

I signed up for a course in Christian Apologetics offered by the Greater Grace Fellowship, Mumbai, India. The church is the India chapter of Greater Grace World Outreach, Baltimore, USA.

As I go through the material, I become more and more convinced on why the Bible is the infallible Word of God. There is so much scientific evidence to support what the Bible claims. In fact, scholars have proved how the Theory of Evolution is self-negating and absolutely unscientific. In fact, it has been discovered that the propagator of the Theory of Evolution, Charles Darwin, too became a Christian in the last six months of his life. He regretted having made public his thoughts on evolution as an inexperienced youngster. His thoughts suited the needs of a lot of people at the time, who lapped it up. This has not been publicised as probably it does not suit the agenda of many influential people. Thank God we have God on our side!

Actually, what the Bible says about Creation is full of logic and has the power to minister to the even most stubborn skeptics. The art of defending one’s faith in the Bible and Jesus is, in fine, what Christian Apologetics is all about.

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