Praise and Worship: A Lifetime is Not Enough

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“God is great!” We have often heard this expression. It’s true. He is so great; you could go on singing His greatness all your life and it would not suffice. But is that really so? Let’s find out…

Lazarus should know
Lazarus – Mary and Martha’s brother – was dead and in the tomb 4 days. Yet Jesus gave him a command to come out of the tomb, and there he was…wrapped up in graveclothes (John 11:44). He lived thereafter. Imagine how thankful he must have been to the Lord for raising him back to life!

I have personally been very sick in my childhood. Had pricks on my arms and foot, tubes in my waist and nostrils and a scar to show on my abdomen. I have been through some pain and yet I say that my pain was nowhere near what Jesus endured for you and for me. When I look back at what Jesus did for me, I cannot help but thank God over and over again – He has taken me out of pain and sin and placed me on the rock of safety viz. Jesus. Jesus is the rock of my salvation, indeed. Read more about what Jesus did for you – here

Tornadoes Flee in Jesus’ Name
Kenneth Copeland shares the story of one of his ministry partners who lived right in the path of a tornado. This person reported a miraculous escape when he and his family commanded the storm in Jesus’ name to depart from their way! The storm passed their house by and went further up and flattened several other structures. Now this man surely would tell you how much indebted he is to God for fulfilling the promise in Psalm 91, verse 7: “A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you.” In a single act of faithfulness, God fulfilled another verse for this family:

“Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) The family stood its ground, resisted the adverse situation in Jesus’ name, and overcame. While they stayed in the house, the tornado fled!

God is so great, lovingkind, slow to anger and abundant in mercy, that in order to fully praise Him for what and who He is, our earthly life was not enough. So God rightly gifts us everlasting life in heaven if we receive His Son Jesus. In heaven, we will keep glorifying Him. Our pastor once said, “In Heaven we won’t magnify what we did while we were on the Earth. We will magnify what Jesus did.” Truly, one lifetime is not enough. (This does not mean we reincarnate – the Bible says there is only one earthly life. We will look at the reincarnation myth in a later post.)

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